Top Design TV Show


Sydney Dream Landscaping consults on Channel 9’s reality TV Show, ‘Top Design’.

Sydney Dream Landscaping was approached to be a part of Channel 9’s reality TV show, Top Design. Hosted by Jamie Durie, the show saw a group of contestants competing to create the best unique room from week to week.

The challenge in episode 3 was to create a rooftop garden based on a given theme. Contestants were allowed to draw on the expertise of a chosen expert and team ‘Dan and Dee’ who had to build a rooftop garden around the theme of ‘earth’ had Sydney Dream Landscaping as their consultant.

In their final design, Dan, Dee and Sydney Dream Landscaping used a mix of Eastern influences in their garden – Japanese, Chinese and Balinese inspiration was used both in their design and plant use.

The completed rooftop garden